April 16, 2008

Last night I was laying on the couch watching TV after the girls were in bed. Baby no name was squirming inside his mommy ever so lightly, and then all of a sudden he started to get very aggressive and my stomach was doing waves. It was the first time this pregnancy that the movement was visible form the outside. It was so sweet. I told him he could play but he had to be nice to mommy, he then kicked me in the bladder and I leaked a little. (Is that to much information? Oh well, from now on, nothing is sacred with this pregnancy.)

We finally had our new bunk beds delivered yesterday. After a month of waiting, they are here. Chris promises to put the beds together this weekend. I am not looking forward to that. Chris getting near anything with directions that has to be put together is equal to a 2 year old having a temper tantrum of the century. He could go up against the best of them and still be champion. I think me and the girls will go away Saturday afternoon, maybe a long grocery shopping trip is needed, maybe another trip to Florida will give him time to work it out.

Hannah has too dissect a sheeps eye today. She is so mad at me for making her go to school. She has been complaining all week about this project. She keeps gagging herself and rolling around n the floor telling me how mean I am for making her do this. I completely agree with her. I am mean, but my mom made me do it in 2nd grade, and so will she. yes, I actually had to do it too, same school district, different elementary school, go figure. Dissecting a poor animals eye in 2nd grade is way to much for me to handle. I felt so bad for her this morning. She was trying every excuse she could think of..I have nothing to wear, my belly hurts, blah, blah, blah. This one excuse she stuttered over and it ended up being one she already used, it was very funny. I had to practically push her out the door today. I sure hope she has a good day...Maybe we'll have lamb for dinner to celebrate her success, what do you think?

Since we've returned from Florida Alanna has been sidetracked on her potty training. I'm gonna talk about it over here today.


  1. Ummm....really? dissecting an eye in 2nd grade? I couldn't handle it...those poor kids!! ewwww! If I'd only known in advance, I could've flown in to babysit her! ha!

    Oh, and I would FOR SURE leave the house during the assembly of the bunk beds! LOL!

  2. Lamb for dinner!! Oh you are so bad!! I had to do that in 4th grade, and I was forced to do it, and it was okay!!

    Kenny is the same as Chris with putting things together, I usually end up doing it!

  3. Anonymous4/18/2008

    Tell Hannah I'm clearing a room for her to come live with us, because I'm a COOL mommy who let her 6th Grader skip school on frog dissecting day!! (We never dissected at the younger grade levels.) My kid is the BIGGEST animal lover on the planet. She was worried to death....so THIS VERY COOL MOMMY let her skip that day. ....Ask Hannah what color I should paint her room. heehee