April 21, 2008

Party Time!

Please help me! My baby is turning 8 in less than a month. The time has come again to plan her a birthday party. Last year was the 1st year Hannah had no party, and instead we took her to the zoo and had a GREAT day. It was so much fun. This year we promised a party and had several options to choose from. First it was bowling and that didn't work out and then it was a BBQ with a moon bounce, but the weekends are so full with stuff we just couldn't fit it in with family and friends. So we decided on a sleep over with a few friends with some old fashion party games. I made up and printed the invites today. It has a birthday banner on top and then a small poem:
Come help celebrate,
Hannah's urning 8.
Come join the sleep over at her house on May twenty four,
For food, cake and FUN galore.
She'll have games to play, so please say you'll stay.
Id moms and dads have any fear,
Please let them know Hannah's mom is here.
The games I found to play are water balloon toss, pin the tail on the piggy, hot potato, musical chairs, egg carry relay, balloon carry, who am I?, and crafts. Each girl will get to paint her a wooden initial for her name, to take home.
The food will be pizza, cake and ice cream and then breakfast the next morning. I think I am crazy to have 5 or 6, 7-8 year old little girls, but Hannah deserves it.


  1. I think you will have a blast and end up with lots of stories to tell...and hear lots of giggling!! ha!

  2. I think the "old fashioned" games will be AWESOME!!!!!! That sounds like for adults too!! She does deserve it:)

  3. Anonymous4/22/2008

    I think it sounds perfect. Be sure to take a long nap beforehand because I think you're not going to get any sleep! Oh, and take lots and lots of pictures!