April 22, 2008

the computer wars

Did I tell you how I I messed up our home computer Sunday night? Oh, I didn't, please let me. Enjoy the story below.

Sunday I was uploading my pictures to flickr, and blogger. Since it was taking forever I decided to open another screen and read some blogs. Then another screen popped up and I wasn't paying attention and I hit something I wasn't supposed to. But in my defense it was annoying me and I just wanted it to go away. After a few more minutes there were like 5 more screens that were opening. I kept closing and closing and closing them but more kept coming up. I yelled to Chris, that this darn computer is making me mad and he ignored me and continued watching his movie.
Finally I had had enough of the pop ups and was done blogging so I started to turn the computer off, when I noticed my desk top was gone. Where is my pink screen?, I asked out loud and that got Chris' attention. He jumped off the couch and came to the computer room to see what was happening.
5 minutes later:
rant, rant, complain, complain, blah, blah, is what I heard from Chris.
10 minutes later:
OMG Tasha you should pay more attention, I can't blah, blah, blah, was the next sentence
25 minutes later:
I should just teach you a lesson and not fix this, and pictures, blah, blah
1 hour later
{insert bad language here}
about 2 hours later:
{insert more bad language and a temper tantrum}
The next day:
{more bad language}, followed by I have to do a back up disk of the pictures and videos and then clear the entire computer and restart all the programs
Another day later:
Okay, I'm sure you get the point my now, I totally screwed up the computer, as to where I can't even get on it to check email right now. Chris is so mad at me. He is very good with computers and used to own his own business to fix them, but he doesn't really enjoy fixing them, hence, no more business.

So we are without a computer right now...thank god for work computers, hehe.


  1. It's really not funny - but it is b/c of the way you told the story! And it sounds like something I would do! So, how long is he going to punish you by not fixing it? ha!

  2. Anonymous4/22/2008

    It sounds like some kind of virus, Tasha. It has happened to me before too. Whenever that happens, you should IMMEDIATELY turn the computer off. Don't bother shutting down correctly just turn the darn thing off. I learned that only AFTER my hubby did his own rant, complain, bad language act. LOL

  3. Oh Tasha!!! I'm so sorry about the virus you may have on your computer. I really hate when that happens and right now I'm on a huge computer dilemma myself coz my internet explorer is not working. :( hence, there are tons of other things not working.
    Can't believe she will be 8. Wow! I'm sure the party will be a lot of fun and sleepovers are always fun!
    Have a wonderful day!
    (i found a program to open your blog with no problem at all :) Yipeeee!!!!)

  4. Oh no!!!! How long will it take to get fixed?? No computer at home. What a pain!!