April 23, 2008

go say hello

Not much to say today, so I think I will highlight a few of my best blogging buddies.
Tana, she is trying to steal my Hannah and be "cool mommy" and not make her dissect any more animals.

Lindsey, she is getting married in 4 days, say congrats here

Lindsay, she is trying to raise money for a cure by racing, sponser her here

Lori, is going through some hard personal times, we are here for you honey.

Noe, is trying to get over a sad breakup and moving on with her life, send her happy thoughts here.

I have many more, but here are a few great women who could use a nice hello along the way!


  1. Thanks girl! All those thoughts and prayers helped day. It's not failure unless you give up! :-)

    We have ALOT of the same friends. The only one I don't read is Noe, so I will check it out.


  2. Anonymous4/26/2008

    Yep, I'm a thief!! I steal children. Be sure and tell Hannah that I have a new puppy! hehee

    Seriously, thanks for the shout out! I love your blog (and you, even though you make little girls dissect icky stuff!! LOL)