April 24, 2008


Early On came to the house again last night. I swear these ladies are great. They are so friendly and sweet, that I never want them to leave. Alanna is so comfortable around them, that she was praising them with hugs and kisses, and showing her best tricks off. Last night was about the paperwork and getting the plan put together. It explained the assistance Alanna will be getting and what the program is about. Its so nice to know that we have a program n our county that is offered. I think it should get much more praise than it does.
Alanna does not qualify for speech therapy, which we sort of already knew. She is at a 4-6 month delay. She does qualify for once a month, for 1 hour, to give her that little push she needs. Mostly with her pronunciation. I think this stems from her not being able to hear properly, before her tubes and only hearing the syllables, when we were speaking to her. Thats how Alanna talks now..In syllables, and its hard for her to properly pronounce a word. Sometimes she gets it and sometimes she does not. I am looking forward to these sessions for her. She seems to have so much fun and doesn't even realize she is learning.


  1. That is so awesome that you are getting a jump start on all this for her!! What a great mom these girls & no name boy have! :-)

  2. Oh I hope she continues to enjoy them and I'm sure she'll be caught up in no time!

  3. Anonymous4/26/2008

    That's the best way to learn --- when you don't even realize you're doing it! :) The program sounds wonderful.

  4. That is good that you're getting her into this now!! She will probably catch up quickly because she's so young. And it's good too that she loves those people and doesn't even realize she is learning!!