May 22, 2008

baby stuff

When I got home on Wednesday there was a big box waiting for me outside..It had Babies R Us all over it...People, We got baby bedding. Check it out here...and this and this too. I love it...Its just what I wanted. I wanted to stay away from the blues and reds, and I wanted something mello. There just has a touch of blue in the elephants and I love the greens and browns together. This weekend I am going in search for some paint to match...Finally we can start to put this boys room together.

Next weekend Lindsey is coming over to work in the sweat shop, I mean... to "help" me sew a comforter cover for the twin bed we're keeping in the room and also to "help" make a curtain to match. And of course when I say help I mean she will be doing it all on her own while I sit on the couch watching TV, sipping on some ice tea...right?

Some people have been asking what I need for this baby. Chris and I have been trying to stock up on things since I found out I was pregnant. However since I am not having a baby shower this time around, I figured I would post the list here here.

1-2 packages of bibs
1-2 packages of burp clothes
1-2 packages of bottles
1-2 packages of pacifiers
1-2 boy crib sheets
receiving blankets
winter blankets
3-6 months winter clothes
6-9 months winter clothes
diapers of all sizes
baby swing
baby book
comb/brush set
baby laundry detergent
some beany hats

Everything else, we pretty much have. The bedding, and infant clothes, LOL..We also have all the big furniture from the girls..The crib, bouncy chair, car seat, stroller, changing table and some toys. Only 10 weeks left.


  1. Anonymous5/23/2008

    Lindsey in the sweat shop and you sipping tea. Sounds like a perfect plan to me. :)

  2. Hey - I wanna come over and sit on the couch and eat ice cream with you while Lindsey works! ha!
    Sounds fun! I expect pics!
    Now..let me go check out this bedding...