May 6, 2008

Make your Mother's Day worth a 1000 words!

Between Chris and I we have 4 moms. 2 of these wonderful women have been in our life from the very beginning, and 2 have been part of our life for as long as we both can remember. It really shouldn't take a special day for us to remember all the great things they do for us, but the day sure helps remind us. With having 4 moms to share our love with, money can sometimes get a little tight. Even though we know they would still love the paper made cards we used to make when we were younger, its always nice to get the perfect gift to show our appreciation.

Chris and I have been racking our brain to come up with the perfect gifts. What do you really get the women in your life, who seem like they have everything? Well the more we thought one thing kept popping in our minds. All these great women love being grandmas and what better to give than pictures to show the love they shared with us being passed down to our children. So with that in mind, I offer you this.
The HP Photo resource center. Hewlett-Packard is now offering Photo Creations kiosk at select Meijer’s stores. What is a Meijer store you may ask? Well its a grocery store/everything store sort of like a Super Walmart or Target. Its a one stop shop, and I really do shop there all the time. I get groceries, diapers and clothes all in one place. Meijer is very convenient for all your needs.
This photo kiosk idea is very neat. You can easily turn your photos into photo books, posters and calendars in minutes. They’re actually made while you shop! You just have to bring your digital photos on a memory card, USB drive, CD or DVD, to participating Meijer stores and within an hour you’ll be leaving with beautiful creations that the whole family can enjoy!

The Christmas before last, Chris and I made calenders of the family and they were big hits. Maybe a another calender could be in the works. Still not quite sold, well for being such great Internet friends, HP is offering a limited time coupon to all my readers. Check out the offer here. Its a free poster! How neat is that? Don't have a Meijer near you, that's okay. Check out the coupon being offered. Its also available at CVS and Longs Drugs.

If you decide to use the HP photo kiosk, I would love to see your work and ideas, be creative. Send pictures. Oh and have a Happy Mothers Day.


  1. I made a calendar one year for my Mom at Christmas and she loved it! Great ideas girl!

  2. Natalie (BSM)5/08/2008

    Great post! I can't to see your creations when you make them!