June 16, 2008

The 8 month pregancy post, about a week late.

33 weeks pregnant means: That I have 7 weeks left, and that I am growing out of my maternity clothes. Loving me some yoga capris right now...Maybe I need more than 1 pair though.

When you're 33 weeks pregnant, your baby measures about 12 inches from crown to rump and weighs about 4.4 pounds. In another magazine I read it said baby was about 17 inches and about 5 pounds, so I guess it depends on the information you're reading. Throughout the next few weeks, your baby will gain more than half of his or her birth weight. Your baby will also move less now as he or she runs out of room.

Your baby is practicing breathing by inhaling amniotic fluid to exercise his or her lungs.

Some babies have full heads of hair by now; others have only a bit of fuzz.

Your baby has a normal waking and sleeping pattern. Many times, your movement throughout the day will lull him or her to sleep; while you are inactive at night, it is a chance for him or her to be awake and active.

When your baby is sleeping (which is most of the time) he or she may experience the rapid eye movement (REM) stage, which is the dreaming period of sleep.

Your baby can listen, feel, and see.

The pupils of the eye can detect light and constrict and dilate.

Your baby's lungs are almost completely matured.

Fat will continue to be deposited on your baby's body for protection and warmth.

Your baby's skin color turns from red to pink.

Symptoms of late pregnancy you may be experiencing when 33 weeks pregnant include:
Excessive tiredness
Braxton Hicks contractions
Pelvic aches (from the pressure of your baby).
(Oh yeah, I have all the above)

You may also be noticing that you have strangely vivid dreams during this period of pregnancy (This too, I keep dreaming that no matter how much I shave my legs, they are constantly hairy for delivery and its gross...I shave and shave and shave and there is ALWAYS hair on them)

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  1. Ok - laughing at your dream! ha! It's crazy to me that the baby can SEE and feel...it's such a fascinating process. he's almost here!!!