June 4, 2008

every week

From my point of view 31 weeks pregnant
My visiting the doctor every 2 weeks turned into every week on last Saturdays visit. Everything is okay, but since I had so many medical problems with Hannah, she wants to be cautious and wants to see me every week now. I really enjoy going to the dr and listening the babys heartbeat, but every week is sort of annoying..I only have the weekends to get things done like cleaning and errands, so every week is dort of hard. But In order to have this baby and his mommy be nice and healthy I will go every week. Its not that bad 20 mintues to sit back and relaxe..How hard can that be?


  1. I use to love going to the dr. and hearing little man's heartbeat. AAAWWW, now you've made me miss being pregnant! Can't wait for Baby King to get here.

  2. Love that "view" shot - ha! The girl across the hall from me at work is due any day now...she is looking BIG. (but cute!) I think pregnant women are gorgeous - you may not feel it, but you are!

  3. Anonymous6/04/2008

    haha - at least you can still see your toes!! I'm NOT pregnant and sometimes that is a difficult feat!

    I agree with DD, atleast you can see your toes!