June 12, 2008

little feet

I love photography. I really enjoy looking at other peoples pictures. I love how there are some people who just get the right angle or view and the picture turns out awesome. I don't really think I have an eye for it, but still like to try sometimes. Last weekend Alanna was playing in her small wading pool and I took this picture and I absolutely love it..I love how I had in in sepia and her feet are so cute in the water and she was standing so still at the time...Everything just turned out nice. See the rest of the pictures form her pool play time here.


  1. I love sepia and black and whites...I'm like you, I like looking at other people's pictures and sometimes wouldn't think to take a picture of that or at that angle...but I snap away anyway! ha! Great shot!

  2. Hey - I just looked at the rest of your photos and you got several cool shots. Give yourself a little more credit missy! :-)

  3. I really enjoyed the pics. Love the ones where she's really not paying attention to the camera. Those are the best!! Great job.