July 3, 2008


As parents, we all have many fears, joys and accomplishments that we love to share. My husband jokes with me and always says if you ask a simple question about pregnancy or something one of the girls did, I could talk for hours and never run out of things to say. Sharing my pregnancy and parenting stories is one of my favorite things to do. But it wasn't always a topic I enjoyed to talk about. I was a young mom and didn't have the confidence that I have now. In the beginning I was nervous to voice my opinion and did not want to be judged. I have now learned in my 8 years plus in parenting, that I have a voice and love to be judged. I don't need anyone telling me that I am right or wrong, because in my heart I know its right for our family. With that being said, there is a new site that just started and I could only be so happy to share and talk about it.
NewBaby.com is the online video resource for moms featuring thousands of mom generated videos, product Vcasts and Expert solutions segments. It's an online community where moms can learn, share and create videos in a safe, secure and Free environment.

If there was a site like this when I was a new mom, I may have gained that confidence sooner. And even though sometimes I feel like a pro at parenting my girls, there is always something new that brings me back to the ground and stumps me again.
So parenting pros, new parents and parents to be, or if you are just plain curious on what its about check out Newbaby.com and share your story today.


  1. You are such a proud, confident mother Tasha!!

  2. Anonymous7/03/2008

    Learning to be a good mom is definitely on-the-job training...and then...just when you finally think you've got it down and you're doing a decent job...you look around and your kids are already grown.