July 1, 2008

Toddler Tails

Toddler Tails is a post you do on Tuesdays to talk about the crazy and wonderful things your toddler does. It was started by Lindsay and you can find her here, along with more Toddler Tails.

Alanna's vocabulary has been expanding daily. She comes up with new words on her own and uses them in the correct way. We are always so proud of her. One of her new sentences its "its all done raining" due to the Michigan weather and the 5 days straight worth of storms that have passed through. She is just the most adorable thing ever when she knows what she wants to say and tries her hardest to pronounce it correctly. However Alanna has also picked up a new word that we aren't to excited about, and boy does she know how to use it. "Shit"

We have tried to teach her that the word is a not so nice word, but its hard when it seems to be one of mommy's favorite words to use..(I know). We have tried giving her an alternative phrase such as "oh my gosh" and it seems to be working okay. Except on the days she needs to have reassurance that she says "Oh My Gosh" instead of shit.

Like today at lunch she looks at Chris and says, Lala no say Shit, Lala says Oh my gosh, and then shoves a piece of food in her mouth...Now how can you be angry at such sweetness?


  1. It enables us to express our feelings and opinions.

  2. Yuts, daw palagpat imo blog.

  3. Isn't it crazy the stuff these kids pick up! Love it.

    Sorry the potty training isn't going that well. But I say stick it out and get it done BEFORE the baby is here. Although I am sure you are exhausted... and maybe not even allowed since you are on bed rest, but I think it would have been easier to potty train before Emma came. Grace always seems to need to go and need my help when I'm nursing or doing something else for the baby. Good luck and she will get potty trained at some point so don't worry!