June 30, 2008

35 weeks and still cooking

Kisses to you dr
I am no longer on "strict" bed rest, and have been bumped down to "limited" bed rest. Which in our world means no heavy cooking (whats that?), no cleaning (oh darn), and no shopping (WHAT?!). I have to take it easy and not a whole lot of "ups and downs" she said. However she must not know my world with an 8 year old and a 2 1/2 year old. She said that she would give me a couple of days up as long as I promise to take it easy and that she would know if I did because my blood pressure would be back up and I would be back on strict bed rest...So I promised I would take it easy.

I do have to go back on Wednesday for another ultrasound to see if Baby is still breached. The dr and I talked for a long time today discussing the breach position. I never knew of all the health risks that were involved with a breached baby. I always thought head up, no big deal..But she explained that sometimes the baby is head up because the cord is to short and he couldn't turn, she also explained the risks with turning the baby and delivering vaginally. She said with her patients she is here for a healthy baby and will not deliver a breached baby vaginally. She said only a c section..She went on the say that the baby could turn up until the day of delivery however if he hasn't turned by 37-38 weeks most likely he won't and she would schedule a c section. She also said that with a breach baby you do not want to go into labor because if the water breaks its usually preparing to deliver a head 1st baby however with a breach baby there could be serious complications with the cord...So if my blood pressure stays down, baby will still be here in about 2 weeks do to him being breached...Unless he has turned. She said she would not induce a normal vaginal delivery either if he stays breached..At first the thought of a c section was little of a disappointment to me, but the more I thought about, I became okay with the thought of possibly having the surgery..I just want my boy to be healthy and the dr is right..Why risk it?


  1. Yuts, daw palagpat imo blog.

  2. Hey Girl-

    Congrats on not being on such strict orders now!! I know you were itching to get up and move around and all that. So you will be able to make it to the 4th picnic? Those pics you recently posted on flickr of Alanna are so cute, she looks so grown up I can't even believe it!! And the swear word she says.....I know it's bad but it's so cute too!

  3. Good news about the bed rest slacking up a bit!! And, I am praying for you for that baby boy turns around and all goes well...two weeks isn't far off...got everything ready?

  4. I am glad you are able to get up and around a little more now. I hope that he turns for you.