July 22, 2008

pink toes

I know you are probably thinking, why in the heck does Tasha have her pictures of her toes on her site. Well I just have to take a second from all this baby talk to honor a great friend. My neighbor and one of my best friends Deanna has been painting my toes once a week the entire summer. She is very into having her nails and toes painted at all times and once told me that having her nails painted makes her relaxed and feel like a woman. I enjoy that..So as the days went on and my belly grew and I could no longer reach or even see my feet she would come over with a new color every week. This past week she painted the toes pink to honor the girly girl I so long to be again after the baby is born. Next week she said she would bring over blue to honor the baby boy coming into the world on Friday. Its so nice to have great friends.


  1. Oh wow! That is a great friend!! (and an awesome idea to do for someone expecting!)

  2. Aww, that is so sweet of her! And your toes are very girly-girly!!