July 21, 2008

whats another day of waiting?

Last night I had the most pain staking contractions. I almost forgot how painful this child birthing thing could really be. I was giving myself about another 30 minutes before heading to the hospital and then they amazingly went away. I was grateful. All weekend I had been spreading out cleaning the house and preparing for my hospital admission on Thursday. The floor got swept and mopped and then vacuumed. I was going to do grocery shopping and laundry today. Well last night with the contractions I went into emergency clean house mode and did 4 loads of laundry and frantically made a grocery list. Today I finished the shopping for the food and any last minute preparations. I am officially ready to go into labor.
The dr visit today was productive. I lost a pound..My total weight gain is 20 pounds. My blood pressure was high (could be do to the extreme heat, or the emergency get ready for baby mode). I am no more dilated than one however baby's head is down and in the cervix ready for the entrance to open. My induction date was pushed back to Friday July 25 ( which so happens to be my older brothers birthday, he is very excited). Dr said she was on call on Thursday and can become very busy. She would prefer Friday so she can spend more time with me, How sweet is she? So Friday at 6am it is. Whats one more day of aches and pains and not sleeping. It will be the same after baby is born, LOL.


  1. Is that nesting...all that frantic cleaning? I wish I were closer to come help you! Love ya!!!

  2. ahhhh, I am so excited!
    I wish I could be there too!
    love you

  3. So exciting!!!! I would totally be cleaning too....right up until the last minute!!