July 19, 2008

a quick update

I just realizes I have not posted anything since Thursday...Geez, where is my mind..Oh right on the fact that I am about to deliver my 3rd child in about 5 days..
The dr appt on Friday was good. Blood pressure was still a little high, but okay. The dr said she would check me on Wednesday (happy birthday to me) to see if my cervix was "favorable" for the induction because she doesn't want me in labor for hours and hours on end, and I agree. So if it is favorable I will be induced at 6AM on Thursday July 24, if not she may or may not push the date back a few days...God please no I can not be pregnant for another day or 2.

Other than that I am okay and things are pretty much the same around here...I am tired, and crabby and have not been happy in days. I have aches and pains and I cannot sleep. Yup being prego is great and its a good thing babies are so cute in the end or terrible things may happen to a pregnant lady when she is almost 38 weeks pregnant, LOL. The girls are being good and poor things are putting up with mommy for the time being. I don't know how long I can convince Alanna that laying on the couch to nap is a fun game but for now its still working...hehe..
My sister has booked her flight for Thursday July 31 and will be here for the weekend. I cannot wait to see her, she moved to Florida in May and I haven't seen her since she moved down there..The girls are way excited too. Aunt Ashy is coming home, Alanna says...


  1. Awww, Aunt Ashy, so cute. You are almost there Girl. ALMOST! Hang in there a few more days!

  2. hang in there....almost to the finish line, with the sweetest prize known to mankind!

    can't wait to hear the rest of the story! good luck!

  3. Almost there!!! Keep on nappin'!