July 16, 2008

With all the excitement of really doing nothing around here, I have completely forgotten about my 36 week, 9 months post. So as I always say, What better late than never? It will be about the 37 week of pregnancy because I am not going backwards, LOL.

When you are 37 weeks pregnant, you may be feeling very anxious and ready for your baby to be born! If you are anxious or nervous about the upcoming birth, When you're 37 weeks pregnant, your baby is about 14 inches from crown to rump and weighs almost 6½ pounds. Actually we are thinking baby weighs more like 7 1/2 pounds with the estimation of the ultrasound right now, hehe..

The major things the baby is doing this week are:

Your baby continues to develop fat at the rate of half an ounce a day
Your baby is getting rounder every day
Your baby's skin is getting pinker and losing its wrinkly appearance
Your baby continues to practice breathing movements.

Changes you may be noticing around 37 weeks pregnant is that your breasts are increasing in size and fullness. During the third trimester, hormones in your body cause your breasts to increase even more in size to prepare for breastfeeding. Your breasts can feel full and heavy, and they might be tender. (yup got that, but honestly I didn't think they could get much bigger, LOL), Also after week 37 of pregnancy, your cervix may start to dilate in preparation for labor. This means that the mucus plug that seals off your uterus from infection and bacteria will discharge from your body (dilated to one baby).

So that about it...Sounds glamorous doesn't it. Thats okay only 8 more days until my little boy is here.


  1. You look good - I love pregnant bellies!! 8 days and counting...

  2. looking fantastic my friend! You have almost run the entire race, the end is in sight!

    Congrats! Can't wait for you.

  3. You look fantastic!! You can make the 8 days...what do you have left to do besides finish the baby blanket? I know his room is ready and you already have diapers waiting and your bag is packed. He's almost here!!

  4. You are SO CUTE with that cute belly!!!
    I can't believe how fast time went by and your nameless(*) baby boy will be here in just few days!!! Hooray!
    Hope you have a wonderful weekend and everything goes well with you these last couple of days.

    (*)I can't wait to know the NAME!!! :)