August 6, 2008

Always an adventure

We ventured out of the house as a family last night. Chris and I took the kids grocery shopping. It went surprisingly well. Chris was in charged of Ben, I was in charged of Alanna and Hannah was in charge of running between us and plucking the food from the shelves. I think we got it down pretty good :) It was nice to get out of the house, but I am still lacking some confidence in the mothering area. With trouble nursing I am fearful to even leave the house.
This morning I had to actually leave the house with all 3 kids by myself. I was so very nervous. I had to take a trip to the hospital to visit with the registered lactation nurse, because Ben is still giving me a hard time about nursing. She boosted my confidence level up about 75% and I am going to try to stick with it a little while longer. I can't say for sure why me nursing Ben is so important to me this time around but I am trying so hard not to give up. She said to try and set a 6 week goal and she swears magically by 6 weeks something will click and life will be better. So almost 2 weeks down and 4 more to go and then I will be confident enough to nurse...LOL. I also talked to the other lactation specialist who comes to the homes today on the phone. She said think of it this way..In 6 weeks you will feel like a pro and could hopefully help another mom with the same problem. I sure hope it works that way..

The kids were good while we were out today. I practically scared the girls to death with threats about behaving while in public with mommy today..But seriously they were good..I am so proud of my girls. They have adapted to being big sisters wonderfully.

Well I have to go, sorry for the short post, but Alanna has her speech therapy/play date today and I have to get ready...


  1. Hang in there! You can do it!

  2. I'm so glad you are feeling a little bit better now. Stick with your goal, he'll come through and get that milk! Love ya girl.