August 4, 2008

weekend update

Well we have officially been home a week and I can't really say we have a good schedule down yet. Ben is sleeping about 4-5 hours a night, however the nursing part isn't going so well. Over the week I had to temporally give up nursing from the breast and pump and supplement with some formula. My nipples were so sore, cracked and bleeding that I wasn't able to feed Ben properly and he was so hungry. Pumping is going okay but he seems so uncontent afterwards that I give him some formula and he is fine. He lets other people hold him and he also is content with just laying in his swing or bouncy chair exploring his new little world. Before he would let no one hold him and all I was doing is feeding constantly. I know there are so many benefits to breast feeding, but right now its hard to see them when my little buddy is so upset...

This weekend my sister Ashlie was here from Florida. It was so nice having her here that I cried when she left. Its so hard not having my family close by. Ashlie helped with the girls and loved on her Ben. We can not wait for her to come back again..

Friday night my dad, stepmom and sister Chrissy came to visit Ben. We had a nice little visit with them and sure hope they come back to visit real soon too.

Saturday we had a small get together with Ashlie, my other stepsister Trista, my brother Kyle, SIL Tammy, and Kylee. We all got together and welcomed Ben to the family. Here are some pictures..Not the greatest, but still cute.

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  1. Hang in there girl ~ your breastfeeding story sounds identical to my co-workers story!! She felt better too once she started pumping.

    wow - now we really know each other! LOL!

    Glad your sis got to visit. Is your Mom coming soon or is she here?