August 8, 2008

Ben updates

Well it was confirmed. Little man has an eye infection..Now tell me how a 2 week old infant who has barely left the house gets an eye infection...Its crazy all the little things babies can get. Ben got some eye drops and his eyes are already looking better. All is good for the moment.

At 2 weeks Ben weighs 7 pounds 4 oz and is 19 3/4 inches long. Thats up from last friday he weighed 6 pounds 10 oz and was still 19 1/2 inches long. I can;t believe he has grown so much in a week. In another blink he will be 5 getting on the school bus...

In other news have I told you about my weight loss? Last week when I had Ben at the dr for his 1 week check up I got on the scale and I lost all 20 pounds I had gained for the pregnancy...Now I just have to motivate myself to lose the extra weight I was trying to loss before...But I have about another 4-5 weeks to motivate myself on that topic..

Update on the nursing- well I am back to the cracked sore nipples, about the same as last week. I don't want to say that I'm giving up yet, but I think I am there mentally..I just have to physically prepare myself that I will not be nursing much longer..I'm in to much pain to enjoy Ben and thats not fair to him or to me, this should be a great time and I cringe when he wakes up to feed, and again thats not fair to either of us.

On a brighter note, Chris and I did have Ben sleeping in the bassinet in our room and Ben was starting to be classified as "not a good sleeper", last night I decided to put Ben in his own room in his crib and wouldn't ya know he slept about 6 hours waking only once to eat and then slept another 6 hours waking at 8 this morning..I guess he didn't like sleeping in mommy and daddys room..He likes his privacy :)


  1. Woo-hoo on the sleeping in his crib & the weight loss! Go Mommy!

    Sorry bout the eye infection! :-(

    Hang in there with the breast feeding IF you want to. And if you want to give up, that's ok too. Do what you are comfortable with and don't beat yourself up over it! Big HUGS!

  2. congrats on your weight loss! Woohoo on getting 6 hours sleep! Sorry breastfeeding is so difficult.

  3. Poor baby, an eye infection at this age is not comfortable at all. Hope he gets better soon.

  4. Anonymous8/14/2008

    Good for you on the weight loss!! I know you can get the remaining weight off. This is the best time to do it too, right when your body is trying to get back to normal after childbirth. Oh, and when my daughter was born she slept in the bassinet in our room too and she didn't sleep well until I moved her to her crib in her own room, then she did great! I think Mommys/Daddys bother the baby, I'm sure it has to be Chris' snoring!! LOL

  5. Hey I just found your blog and I totally understand about the whole breastfeeding thing. I have a little guy named Jackson and I stopped nursing him when he was 4-5 moths old because it was affecting my sanity.I was having a really hard time. He wasn't gaining weight fast enough and I was doing all these crazy things to try to help. And I still have 3 other kids to take care of. I just said enough is enough. I hope things are getting better for you.