August 13, 2008

Wow 2 days without posting...Things have been pretty hectic the last couple of days. It started on Saturday, we all went to a house warming party at our friends house. We got home late Saturday night and Mr Ben did not want to go to sleep. He started to get his nights and days mixed up for a little bit and we have been working on getting him back on his schedule, some what. Sunday was a little chilly here in good ole Michigan and we stayed in doors and played all day. Monday I ventured out with a friend and the kids and did a little shopping. It was crazy at first and then I got the hang of it. Yesterday I went back to the hospital for another visit with the lactation specialist. This time we are trying a breast shield. Its a silicone covering for the nipple so Ben doesn't get direct contact with me and hurt me as much. We'll see how this works. I am getting pretty frustrated with the whole nursing thing..But I am still hanging in there. Its been almost 3 weeks and everyone keeps telling me that 6 weeks is the magic number so hanging in there for a little while longer.
Monday also started potty training boot camp for Alanna. She had a couple accidents the first day but over all did a good job. Tuesday was a little better with only 1 accident. The accidents seem to be more in the evening when I am cooking dinner or trying to nurse Ben, so I have to try to get her on the potty a little bit more. Today so far is going good.

I also received my mom select swag bag from blogger in the mail the other day. We are busy going through the products and I will be doing a couple of reviews on them soon, so check back on that.

Also I have a couple new pics here and also 2 videos of Benjamin. Could he be any cuter?


  1. Anonymous8/14/2008

    You are my new hero!! I mean, you have one on the boob, one on the potty, and one just entering the tween stuff. HOW DO YOU DO IT?

  2. Ummm...breast feeding and potty training at the same time? ARe you trying to kill yourself? My admiration just went up even more!