August 14, 2008

Ben's umbilical cord finally fell off the other day so he got to experience a "real" bath. He wasn't sure about it at first but then he decided he didn't like it to much. Alanna got in the tub to help. She has been an awesome little helper since her little brother came home..I sure hope they have a close bond as they grow older. Watching the girls play together is the sweetest thing...Next year Ben will be walking around and playing too...Wow time is gonna go by to fast...Wheres the pause button when you need it?

Oh and check this out...Lori is awesome! She sent a little something for Ben and the girls...She is the greatest! Thanks Lori. GO Razorbacks...LOL. And of course if you know Lori there had to be a puppy and a horse somewhere, LOL..Thanks again.


  1. Anonymous8/14/2008

    Tasha!!! I'm into your blog, FINALLY!!!! OMG, Ben is such a cutie. It must be very different for you having a boy. And isn't Lori the sweetest??? I actually bought something for you too, but I don't know where to send it. Can you email me the address???

    I'm going to try to catch up here, reading your blog backwards. LOL

  2. Well, of course I had to get the critters in somehow! ha! I had to throw in the Razorbacks so everyone would know he had a friend in Arkansas! :-) You never know, he may be a future Razorback quarterback!

    And, I am loving the new look - great colors and your blog loads faster! yay!

  3. Oh that is adorable!!!