August 16, 2008

new design/HP review

Thanks for all the kind words on the new design. I must give a shout out to Lindsay for the great design. She is so awesome to work with and when I just can't make up my mind I let her do it and she always comes up with something I like. If your in the mood for a new look or some creative ideas check out her site at Splat. (I would link to her but for some reason my computer is being funny today. Check her out in my blogroll. She does great work and is so easy to work with.)

I also want to tell you about another coupon with HP. Remember the really neat and easy posters I made a little while back? I know the last offer for a free poster ended too soon… but now you can get another free poster with the purchase of a Life in Motion DVD, which is basically a DVD slide show with music and everything! Again, everything is made while you shop! Again my computer is being funny and won;t let me link to anything so copy and paste this link and it will take you to the coupon. This coupon is good at Meijer. http://www.bluesuitmom.com/photos/meijercoupon.pdf


  1. Yes I love Lindsay - and I love this blue and chocolate together on yours!

  2. Love your new site! It rocks! It's just like you described!

  3. your site looks great, love the new look!