August 19, 2008

Update on the kiddos

The last couple of weeks Hannah has shown interest in cooking. She's in that stage where she is not a baby anymore but not old enough to be a teen. She has been looking for ways to express her self and I think cooking is a great way to start. Hannah made a deal with my Mil that on Saturdays she would come over and they would cool one thing together, or she would tell Hannah how to cook it and she would supervise. Last Saturday they decided to make cheesy biscuits. My Mil came over as planned and she started instructing Hannah on how to start prepping. She only supervised and did not help Hannah unless she was in need. Just a simple recipe with Bisquick and some cheese and here is the final product. Think they look good? Well they were..they were so yummy that Hannah is now in charge of biscuit making in our house :)

Day 8 of potty training and I think things are good rather good. I still ask if she has to go potty but not as often as I did last week and Alanna even beats me to the question sometimes. She will be playing and say I gotta potty, hurry mom and runs to the bathroom. Yesterday she even said she had to poop and went by herself. Of course when I asked her who wiped her butt she proudly claimed she did and then I had a little mess to clean, but for the most part it all went in the toilet, LOL. I am so proud of her and keep telling her every time she goes potty. It saddens me to think that in just a few weeks my baby will be a big girl and as much as we are encouraging her to be one, she is growing up way to fast. The twinkle in her eyes as she realizes she is now becoming a big girl like her sister brings me to remember her when she was a newborn like Ben and I start to tear up. Its funny how when they are little you can;t wait for them to grow up and when they do you beg them to stop.
Which brings me to the newest addition. I am trying to soak up everything he does. His gulps and breathing when he is eating, his cries when he is cold and his snuggles while he sleeps. I can't believe in just a few days my new baby boy will be a month old. Hello, where did the last month go? The girls still dote over their little brother and daddy is still ever so scared to change him, yet mommy is a pro no matter what time of day or night. Ben is a great addition to our family and I really cannot remember a time without him being here already. It still amazes me that I am a mom to a son, my baby boy, Benjamin.


  1. You are so blessed ~ love the updates! I hope Hannah stays with the cooking. If she loves it, she can take over the cooking for the family - ha! Seriously, that is great one-on-one time with her grandmother too.
    Yay for your Mom getting to come visit!! The countdown starts!

  2. Oh he is so precious Tasha! That's great that Hannah enjoys cooking, now she can give her momma some help!

  3. Finally catching up on your blog and your newest edition Ben! He is just precious!! Hope you are recovering well!!

  4. I heard all the great stories and I would see all these women who were having babies the same time I was and their babies were puggie and growing and then there was my little guy who was barely creeping up the growth chart and at his 2-3 month check up had fallen of the chart by a long shot. I decided that I had done the best I could and it he was lucky enough to get the breast milk that he did and now it was time to let go. Now my little guy isn't so little. For about 2 months the DR. had him on this high calorie formula so that he would catch up to where he should be and now he is this chunky little monster who is trying to crawl!!!!
    Hugs to you because I have been there and I was ok with how it turned out. I had to let my hormones regulate to see that. I was so hormonal that no one could tell me any different. Things are so much better now. Jackson sleeps better and is growing great.

  5. Anonymous9/03/2008

    You really are blessed. I often wish I had a houseful of kids. (Why stop at 3, Tasha??) I adore the one I have and my biggest regret is never giving her a sibling. Your kids are so lucky to have each other!