August 23, 2008

Blog? I have a blog? What do you mean I have a blog that hasn't been updated. I thought it updates itself, no? Sorry its been a while. Who knew that having 3 kids and it being summer that I would have no time to blog.

Things are pretty much the same here..Alanna is on her way to being potty trained. She has graduated to big girl during nap time but still has pull ups at bed..Which is fine for now. Hannah cooled us some yummy pancakes this morning and Alanna even ate 2 because they were so good. Ben is sleeping well, and is starting to stay up more and more after each feeding. Speaking of feedings..my little monster baby eats 5-6 oz every feeding and something crazy happened the other night. Ben got a double chin and some yummy rolls on his thighs...Oh so yummy rolls! My little snuggle bug is turning into a chunky monkey before my eyes...

Right now life is good.

1 comment:

  1. Oh, I love, love rolly polly baby legs...pictures please!! :-)

    So, when does the real world come crashing down for Hannah and school start?