August 26, 2008

call bps (blog protected services), we have a neglected blog here

My blog has seriously been neglected lately and it sure isn't for lack of things to write about. So much is going on its just been crazy to try and find time to sit down.
Starting last Thursday the 21st. It was Chris' birthday. We celebrated by going out to one of his fav restaurants full of sea food. I am not a big fan of sea food, I have just started trying somethings and not yet completely comfortable with eating an entire plate of sea critters. I ate chicken. We left Hannah and Alanna with my MIL and took Ben, who was a really big hit with the waitresses. Chris carried Ben in his car seat/carrier and all the waitresses flocked to him and followed him to our table. Chris got a kick out of that..LOL. We enjoyed a quiet dinner and then headed back home to the girls. It was a nice night out.

Over the weekend our neighborhood had they semi annual garage sales. The kids and I walked around for a little bit, and found some great things. One of our neighbors is the mom to my brothers friend..(did you get that?) and she has a daughter a little older than Hannah and so we always find nice clothes there for school. We got a couple pair of jeans, some shirts and a winter coat for $10.00. I love deals like that.

Last night (Monday) the local library branch had Farmer Jason live and in concert. Farmer Jason is a singer who travels all over the world, and sings silly songs for the kids. I took Alanna and we spent some 1 on 1 time together rockin and rollin with Farmer Jason. It was a fun time. They had a mini mosh pit for the kids and loud music all about the animals in the forest and on the farm. At first she didn't know what to think about it and then she warmed up and joined the other kids on the stage..
My camera died before I got a good shot of Farmer Jason but you can sort of see him through all the kids in the back.

He was really friendly and funny and I am so happy that once again I ventured into the unknown and let my children experience things that before may not have. We got home sort of late from our "concert" and this is how I found my boys. Like father like son.

Over the weekend Chris helped a friend move and was rewarded with this old lay z boy. Its blue and old and comfy and doesn't match a thing and Chris seems to think it fits in perfect with our living room...So for now its staying but check back later because it may just pick up and walk to the other living room that IS decorated in mismatch..LOL.

Ben is offically 1 month old. I cannot believe that a month has already passed. Its seems like so long ago we came home from the hospital and he was a little itty bitty baby. Now he is still itty bitty but a little bigger and so cuddley. He is ever so sweet and I could nibble on his cheeks everyday. And here is proof that Ben is just like his father and loves to torture me..The other night Ben slept 8 hours and the next 7.5..Just as I was thinking "thank you god I need the sleep" he woke to eat every 4 hours last night...Thanks son, love you too, happy 1 month.

And last but not least my good friend Lindsay from Splat designs is hosting a contest for a new design..She does great work, just check out my site...So head over and read the rules and sign up..



  1. Where to start? That was ALOT! Whew! Love that mosh pit pic...Alanna looks like she is having a blast. And that pic of your boys is priceless! ha!

    1 month did fly by!! Wow! Now, don't disappear for too long this time ... we miss you!

  2. I love the boys pic!!! I can already hear the conversations (arguments maybe) about the chair, and I gotta say, I side with you Tasha. Sorry Chris!!!