September 19, 2008

preschool day 2

Yesterday we lost power and therefore I had trouble posting or getting online. Not sure what happened, since it was a sunny , warm day, but luckily it wasn't off too long, but our computer had to be reset up and that us Chris' job.
Yesterday was preschool day again but this time it wasn't as much fun. Instead of the 1-2 hours I planned Alanna was only having about 20 minutes. I didn't push her and we colored and then decided to go for a walk. She was whiny, and not very nice when it came to drawing, she wanted me to do it for her. The walk really calmed her down and when we got back home she was sound asleep. The color of the day was red, animal was pig and letters were D, E, and F. Here are the pics.

D is for Dog, Duck, and Doll, E is for Eggplant, Eagle, and Elephant, F is for Fire, Fish, and French fries.


What do you think of the word, Belannah (Bell-La-Nuh). Its the celebrity jumbling of all 3 kids names. I found it pretty funny at 3 am when 1 child was puking on me from pushing out his poop so hard in the fresh diaper I just put on him not 2 mintues before that and also telling the other child (who is 2) who was laying on the floor to be quiet because someone had the case of the giggles at 3am. While I was feeding Ben last night Alanna woke up and went into my bed and of course I wasn't there so she knew right where to find me...She laid on the floor waiting for me to go to bed...Me being so tired was thinkg about a name to call all 3 kids and came up with Belannah. Me and Alanna giggled while Ben tried to sleep....I guess that sort of thing happens when you are really sleepy.


  1. Better laughing than crying!
    YOu are quite the artist girl!!

  2. Bellunah......I love it!! I agree with Lori, your drawing skills rock!!!

  3. Anonymous9/20/2008

    I draw my dogs like that, but I am way impressed with the fish and the elephant and others. Girl, you can draw! I'm a doodler but I've never doodled THAT good. Belannah is a perfect name. So funny!