September 16, 2008


Chris and I decided that we would not be sending Alanna to preschool this year since its my 1st time being home with her all day. I however decided that instead of sitting around all day watching TV we would have preschool days at home. Tuesdays and Thursdays will be our school days and I have made a list of things we will learn each day. In the beginning we will learn 1 color, 1 animal and some letters. Today we learned about the color blue, A, B, C, and the animal cow. Here is the art work from todays school. Can you find all the pictures for each letter?
And this picture is Alanna with her anteater. Its one of her favorite animals. She thought I was an awesome drawer and had no shame in screaming through the house that she was on paper.


  1. Wow-who drew that cow and carrot and cat? I am impressed! I can't draw!

  2. Anonymous9/20/2008

    Wow, you ARE an awesome drawer!! And an awesome mom too! Mom preschool is a great idea!