September 30, 2008


The last 2 days I have been completely engrossed in the Twilight books. I have read 1 and 2...Waiting on 3 and 4 from a friend...Yeah can't wait. I was told to read the books from my brothers girlfriend Tammy (Kylees mommy) and wasn't to interested. She gave me the 1st book to read it it sat on the counter in the kitchen for a week until Chris started to fuss about the "clutter" and so it was moved to my nightstand for another week. Finally I figured it was time to pick it up and read a chapter or 2 not hopeing for much. Then after the 3rd chapter I could not put the thing down. Edward Cullen is my new favorite crush. Sunday I read the entire book except for the first 3 chapters in about 9 hours...Then I needed the next book so bad, yesterday I went to the store and bought it..Never mind Tammy had book 2, I needed it NOW, and someone was reading it...Now book 2 wasn't as good as book 1 but for personal reasons I was upset with the story line, so I am a little less urgent in needing book 3 but I am told that book 4 is AWESOME and will need to read it soon. I should have book 3 by the end of the week, but for now I must clean the house and maybe cook some food. The poor kids were neglected while mommy read her book over the weekend. From the mouth of a great person...Who needs dracula when you have Edward Cullen..Thanks Tammy for my new found obsession...
3 days until the mommy visit...So excited must.clean.house.before.she.comes!


  1. I'll have to try the first book!! Yay, your mom is visiting!! I know how much you miss her:)

  2. Woo-hoo for the Mom visit!! Yay! You are hooked on that series...I won't tell you the other series my friend read after she made it through this one! ha!

  3. Anonymous10/03/2008

    I've heard the hype about these books and was thinking I probably need to pick them up and read. Maybe I'll do that now that Tasha's on board!