October 2, 2008


Things that are on my mind lately:

~I have been so busy the last couple of days getting ready for my mom to visit. I want to have all the normal weekend cleaning of the house done so I have all the time to spend with her.
~Today I did 3 loads of laundry, swept and mopped all the tile floors and vacuumed all the carpets. Tomorrow I am going grocery shopping, and 3 more loads of laundry. Then hopefully everything will be done by Saturday morning.
~Hannah has her 1st soccer game on Saturday and she is extremely nervous. She is afraid her team will lose. [Enter win or lose its how you play the game speech here] and she seemed to be okay with that.
~Lately Alanna has been giving me hell about going to bed. She is scared of everything. She has never been scared and lately that all she talks about. When I ask her what she is afraid of she says she doesn't know. I'm not sure how to handle her getting out of bed. Her and Hannah share a room and it keeps Hannah up way later that she needs to be.
~Chris and I have talked about me staying home since I got pregnant with Ben..He was the one who seemed to want it the most. Me being home with the kids and not having them with a babysitter. Now he is so stressed out about working that his attitude and the way he is at home stinks(Just to put it nicely), and it makes me wonder if he is upset that I am home now. It seems like everything I do, I do it wrong, and his being unhappy makes me sad. I know he is stressed, but I don't know how to help and he won't talk to me about it.
~I have never really talked about my marriage on this blog before and it makes me nervous to wonder what people may think.


  1. Anonymous10/03/2008

    It doesn't matter what anybody thinks of your marriage. No marriage is perfect. Ever. If people say their marriage is perfect, they are so lying!! LOL I don't know what to tell you except to communicate. You have to get Chris to talk. Communication is the key to a solid marriage. I don't know Chris, but I know my own hubby is very private -- but you HAVE to get him to open up, no matter what. Hang in there.

  2. I agree with T - after your mom leaves, you gotta sit down and talk. He may just be feeling overwhelmed with being the only money-maker and all the responsibility. It is an adjustment for everyone. Hopefully, you can talk and things will get better b/c I think your kids will benefit BIG time by you being home with them!! :-) And, I while I'm giving out opinions (ha), I think we have to blog about the negative as well as the positive - it's life, it's real. (although Kevin would probably wish sometimes I didn't! ha!)
    Take time to relax and enjoy your mom's visit. The rest will work out!