September 3, 2008

a visit to remember

Over the weekend my stepdad Tim and sister Ashlie came up from Florida. It was a great visit and would have been better if it was under different circumstances. A close friend to my stepdad passed away and he came up from Florida to be with the family. They did come stay with us one night and got to see Ben and spend time with the girls. My stepdad hasn't been back home since he moved to Florida over a year ago and even though we seen him when we went to Florida in April, we all missed him so much. We cooked out for the holiday weekend and then he wrestled with the granddaughters a little bit. Kylee was over and she would start crying every time Alanna would run through the house screaming or get too loud from the tickles coming from Papa. It was really cute. We all hung out and videotaped our day for my mom who unfortunately couldn't make it up since she has a visit scheduled next month :( My other stepsister Trista was here from out of town too and made sure to get EVERYTHING on tape. Diaper changes for Ben, crawling for Kylee and singing with Alanna. She got the tour of Bens room and also what we ate for dinner. It was a great time. Later that night as everything calmed down and the kids were in bed, me, Chris, Ashlie and Tim were all talking around the table and I just looked at my stepdad and thought "how much I missed him". My stepdad is an incredible person, and even though he and my mom have been together around 4 years he is the type of guy I wished I could have grown up with. He raised his girls has a single parent and they turned out great and then I realized that even if I did miss out on growing up with this man, at least my children are lucky enough to do so.

I know he doesn't read this site, but I know my mom does and mom, I mean it, I love this man and we are so lucky to have him and his girls in our family. I just hope one day he knows just how much we all love them!


  1. Actually Tasha he does read it---Love Mom

  2. Sweet post! Sounds like your mom is a lucky woman!