September 5, 2008

3rd grade

Wednesday marked the 1st day of 3rd grade for Hannah. She was so excited for school that she had her clothes and book bag laid out and ready to go for 2 days before hand. She woke up with a smile but came home in tears. See, Hannah takes 1 bus to school and another bus home. There was so much confusion with stops and who picks up what kid that Hannah said she got to school about 30 minutes late. After school, her school wanted to put Hannah on a different bus than what I was told she would be riding. Hannah knew that the school was wrong because the bus she was supposed to be on was the same bus from last year..The school insisted she get on another bus..Hannah started crying and begging the school to call me so find out. Instead of calling me they put Hannah on the wrong bus and then called the school transportation office to confirm. Hannah was freaking out that she wouldn't make it home. Finally the transportation office said Hannah was on the wrong bus and she was right on which bus to ride home....
That afternoon I had packed up Alanna and Ben to meet Hannah at the bus stop on her first day and lucky that I did because when she got off the bus I thought she was gonna cry all over. She hugged me and told me how much she missed me...Poor thing.
The next day luckily everything went smooth and she got on her right bus and made it home with no tears. What a brave little girl I have to stand up for what she knows is right...I am so proud of her for standing tall (with a little tear action).

Last night was open house. Chris and I went and met Hannah's teacher and we are hoping for a good year. This is the 1st year Hannah will receive an actual grade rather then a "Satisfactory" or "Needs Improvement" mark.. Also this year is the 1st year for meap... I'm really excited to get into this year and hopefully Hannah will stay excited too. Her teacher seems to be really nice and helpful. She expects a lot from the kids as any good teacher would, but she also gives a lot to helps each child...She made a comment last night that I really liked..She said that on any assignment a child gets less than 80% they may take it home and re due it and bring it back the next day to receive an 80%..She said we want the children to understand and learn the grade, not be afraid of it..I really liked that.

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  1. Oh how frustrating and scary! I HATE dismissal time!!! It is the worst part of the day! ha! But, I am super proud of her for speaking up even if they didn't listen.

    Remember you have a 3rd grade teacher right here who will gladly offer any assistance all year!