September 8, 2008


I am happy to say that I have my very 1st giveaway to share with you. I was lucky enough to receive 5 copies of a book geared toward younger girls. Its called The Precious Girls Club, A Little Bit of Faith. Katie is the new girl in town and having trouble making friends..So her mom and Aunt suggest that she starts the Precious Girls Club. Now Katie needs a little faith in herself to get the girls from school to join.

Hannah is reading this book right now and she is really enjoying it. For school she has to read 15 minutes each night, and she always asks if she can read 30 because she is having fun. Of course I tell her yes and encourage her to read as long as she likes.

If you would like your free copy of this book to share with your students, daughter, or yourself just leave a comment and the first 5 to ask will receive..Have fun.

Just a picture to make you smile..Alanna dancing.


  1. yay! I'm #1!! That sounds awesome for my girls in class!! This is my first participation in a giveaway - woohoo!

  2. Is it too late to throw my name into the hat. Sorry I haven't been by for a while mommyhood has me a bit exhausted these days.

  3. Anonymous9/12/2008

    Well of course I'm interested in the giveaway but I realize I'm probably too late. I'm so bad about reading blogs lately. Gotta get on the ball! That's great though that your daughter enjoys reading so much that she doesn't want to stop. That's me too, but so not my own daughter. I wish I could get her to read more! Oh, and the picture did make me smile! She's such a cutie.