September 9, 2008

playing catch up

Well I feel like a big blog loser...I got 1 comment for the books...Okay Lori you get it..Just for being great I will send you 2 books for your kids...And Lindsey, for being an awesome teacher, I know you would love 2 books too, so I will send that. Lori please email me your address..I forgot and threw away the envelope with it on there. Thanks. I still have 1 book if anyone is interested..Just let me know.

On to other news...I am so freaking tired. Someone please tell me when a child will sleep 12 hours? I guess I don't have much grounds to complain...Ben sleeps 8 hours and wakes up around 4Am to eat and falls back asleep for another 4 hours, but the wake up in the middle of the night is so harsh. And now with school back in I am up at 6:30 with Hannah, Alanna is up at 7 and Ben at 8..The day begins and I don't get a second to sit down until nap at 1:00.
Here is a look into a Day in the life of Tasha.

6:30 wake up
7:00 Alanna wakes up
7:15 Hannah leaves for school
7:30 breakfast for Alanna and a pumping session
8:00 Ben is up
8:15 feed Ben
9:00 Get Ben dressed and ready for the day
9:30 Ben is sleeping, Get Alanna dressed and ready
10:00 maybe a shower
11:00 Ben is up, we all play or sit and watch Alanna play, hehe
12:00 Alanna lunch, feed Ben
12:00 pump
1:00 Alanna nap, Ben maybe naps
3:00 Alanna up, we play
4:00 Feed Ben
4:20 Hannah is home
4:30 start dinner, get homework done
5:00-5:30 dinner, clean up
6:00 feed Ben, pump
7:00 Alanna bath
7:30 Ben bath
8:00 Hannah bath, feed Ben AGAIN
8:30 Alanna bed
9:00 Hannah bed
9:15 Maybe Ben is in bed by now
9:30 clean up house, pump
10:00 Bed
4AM Feed Ben
6:30 start all over AGAIN

And this is if we have nothing planned for the day. There is sweeping, mopping, vacuuming, dusting, laundry, cleaning toys, appointments, and play dates. Geez I was less busy when I worked all week. But ya know? I would not trade this time with the kids for nothing. I really do enjoy being home with them...This time I have spent with them has been the happiest times. Really makes me feel bad that I complain about being tired.

Potty training is going great. Alanna has been going on the potty and hardly any accidents to mention. I am so proud of her..Now if I can just get her to stop putting the entire roll of toilet paper in the toilet and flushing 8 times and over flowing the toilet all over the bathroom floor I would be even happier. (yup it happens about once a day). She seems to do it when I am feeding Ben or pumping. Of course she is a smart girl because she knows I can;t get up easy when doing either of these tasks.


  1. That sounds like a busy day, lots of feeding! I'm sorry I don't comment more, but I've switched to google reader - and first it just wouldn't allow me to add your site to your subscriptions and now it allows me to add you, except all the entries are a year old. Not sure what's going on there, but I'll try to check in more regularly!

  2. I am busy and tired too, but truthfully . . . I don't mind. I am so in love with my kids that they are totally worth every second of lost sleep!

  3. Anonymous9/12/2008

    Oh Tasha, I can only imagine how hard it must be with three. I remember feeling overwhelmed with just my one! Try to keep those positive thoughts though, because yesterday I was just talking to hubby about how our daughter no longer needs us. She gets herself up and ready for school, usually gets her own breakfast, is even ironing her own clothes most of the time! All she needs us for is to drive!! I almost miss the busy days. Hang in there and keep them young for as long as you can, no matter how busy that keeps you. I promise there is day in the not-so-distant future that you are going to want the crazy schedule back, even if just for a little while! Hugs to ya!

  4. Thanks for the books Tasha!!!

    What a crazy schedule! NO wonder you are super tired!

  5. Oh yay! I will send you my address in a bit. I will have to to do a "good behavior" raffle or something for one of the kids to earn the other one!

    And your day is EXHAUSTING!!! I wanted to nap just reading it!