October 27, 2008

3 months already

Pretend this is Saturdays post, mmm-k

Dear Benjamin,

Today we are saying something special around here, because today marks your quarter birthday. You are 3 months old. My how the time has flashed by without even thinking about it. Its crazy to think that just 3 months ago we were in the hospital and you were so tiny and I was in sweet bliss that your were here. Fast forward to now and I am still in bliss, but I swear you are anything but tiny anymore. You don't go to the doctor's this month for a check up but I would say you are close to 13-14 pounds and already wearing size 6 months.
You have brought something to the house, something we didn't know was missing until you came home, happiness and joy. All day long you and Alanna play and look forward to Hannah coming home from school. You are learning to pull hair, and that comes in handy when Alanna is too close and in your face. She is slowly learning to back up a little when playing with you :) You "talk" to us and laugh and giggle and our private jokes. You're such a good boy not to tell daddy that mommy hangs over you repeating ma.ma.ma.ma.ma.ma.ma. just to guarantee that it will be your 1st word. You love to hold my hand while drinking your bottle and even though breastfeeding didn't work for us, you are just as happy. You snuggle in my arms when you are sleepy and daddy says I have the magic touch because you instantly fall asleep when I hold you.
You have been sleeping 11-12 hours the last couple of weeks and I for one have been very grateful. You are slowly getting into a great routine, one that I could not be happier with. You wake around 7, take your 1st nap around 9 wake at 11 and play. You and Alanna take your afternoon naps around 1 and both sleep until about 3 or 4. While I cook dinner you play with your 2 big sisters and then around 5:30 you take about an hour nap. Then 8 comes around and you are ready for bed again. You cry when you are hungry and bored and thats about it. I really haven't heard you let out a full wail yet.
Ben, you have completed our family and there really are not words yet to describe the love your dad and I and your 2 sisters have for you. I wish you the future any parent wishes for their children and thats to be happy and healthy in all you choices in the world.
Love you,


  1. What a wonderful letter! A little baby really is a blessing.

  2. Anonymous10/28/2008

    Ahhhhh, this is so sweet! I'm LOL'ing at the ma-ma-ma-ma thing. Benjamin is such a cutie!

  3. That was beautiful Tasha!
    And a great picture of you two!!