October 30, 2008

pumpkin family

Carving pumpkins has never been my thing. I prefer to leave the messy holidays to dad. Here he is "helping" the girls clean out their pumpkins. And of course by helping I mean doing it his self.
Next you see the goop being dropped in the seed bowl. This is done with all mightly carefulness because daddy knows if he gets any of that guck on my clean floors he will be in trouble.
Moving onto the next mess, we see the two very lovely girls playing in the goop. I have no comments for this one.

Seeds, we would have this many seeds to eat, but um....someone was carving pumpkins and the other responsible adult was putting the baby to bed and someone let the burning smell linger in the house and didn't think about the seeds in the oven and when the person who was putting the baby to bed came back into the kitchen and wondered what that smell was...well black seeds are NOT good. We ended up with maybe a handful...maybe.

My two beautiful daughters. Can you guess who is who? Check out flickr for the answer.
We, well daddy who is carving King decided Ben didn't need a carved pumpkin this year and we, or I could write his name on his pumpkin to claim it. So here is Benjamin. Sweet, little Ben and his friend baby ghost are hanging out too.

I hypervenalated a little with the mess, but over all it was a fun night. Something we will be able to store away and hopefully the girls will be able to share when they get older. Here is the whole family together...pumpkin style.

And where was Ben before he went to bed??? Right here encouraging his daddy that carving pumpkins are fun and not to give up. Say hello to Mr. Spider Man.


  1. ALL great pictures!! I love carving pumpkins and I haven't done it in years ~ I would have to do it outside b/c I couldn't handle the mess either! ha!

  2. so cute!
    next time i need carving I call chris. i did a lot of mess with the pumpkins here :)