November 13, 2008

Not the post you expected but....

"Circus fun"
Will have to wait. Pictures are not loading correctly right now...Hopefully tomorrow. But trust me, when I say we had a great time and the girls had a lot of fun. Can't say the same for my poor Ben. We left him with a babysitter and he missed his mommy. Ben cried all night until he fell asleep around 8:45 she said. That is not like Ben at all. 1st he NEVER cries, and second his bedtime is 7:30-8:00. You could set a clock by him as soon as the click hits 8 he is out for the night. My poor baby...It was the 1st time at bedtime I was away from him. He missed me.
And another announcement my new little niece Sophia Brianne (my older brother's little girl) was born last night weighing 6 pounds 14 oz and 21 inches long. Lots of brown hair and is cute as cute can be. Pictures of her will be coming soon too. Stay tuned. Mom, dad and baby are doing great!

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