November 20, 2008

out of control obsession

Dear Edward Cullen/Rob Pattinson,

I 1st have to say I am sorry you will have to wait for me just a little bit longer.
I am unable to make it to the 12:01 premiere of Twilight tonight, because I must sleep. I can barely stay awake past 10 these days and I am up at 6:30 for school with my 8 year old. I am not a happy person without sleep unlike you, who is perfect without sleep.

Please try to understand that I really do care and right now you are my #1 celebrity boyfriend. My husband lets me have just one, and you are tops right now. And please don't stray away, for I have one more piece of bad news. I cannot make it to the movies until Saturday because said husband has to work and I must enjoy you with no kids around, no distractions. I know stupid work, but us small town folks need the paycheck and therefore must work a standard job.

Edward, please understand I will be there this weekend, I promise. I must be part of the money earned for the opening weekend so the next 3 books will also be made into brilliant movies and we can share more time together. Just me and you and millions of other screaming fans. You see, the day that I come doesn't matter, what matters is that I will come. So for now please "Look after my heart, for I have left it with you."

With love


    I am going tonight at 830... I am so beyond excited I cant stand it!
    I wish you lived close to go with me!!!

  2. Anonymous11/21/2008

    Don't worry, Tasha. I'll take care of Edward for you!!! :) That's what friends are for! (Actually, it will be Saturday night or Sunday before I get to see the movie!)

  3. You people are obsessed! LOL!