November 22, 2008

Team Edward

Of course with me loving the Twilight series so much, I had to have as many people reading them and liking them as mush as I do. I talked my neighbor into reading the series and she is on book 3 right now. When she finishes the books, she comes over to return the book and then we talk about them, the good and the bad parts and of course our favorites. It was something that I just assumed everyone would do, love Edward, but when she told me she was Team Jacob, I started to doubt our friendship (I'm just kidding of course, or am I?) Today we are going to see Twilight together, this should be fun. I am so Team Edward.

Twilight here I come.

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  1. Anonymous11/29/2008

    I thought I was Team Jacob too, but after seeing the movie I kind of have a thing for Charlie (Bella's dad!) How sad am I?? I guess I'm into older men!! heehee