November 3, 2008

twilight obsessed

Another friend bit by the Twilight bug....Head over and tell Lindsey how awesome the books are. Tana how are you coming along? I haven't heard you talk much about book 2.
I also got my friend Sarah to read Twilight, and my neighbor Shelby. They are all set for the movie on November 21...Are you?

And if you are as obsessed as I am, here is a really neat website to check out. Twilighters Anonymous. Check out the silly quizes they have..Its fun. I'm an Esme.

I'm a Esme! I found out through TwilightersAnonymous.com. Which Twilight Female Are You? Take the quiz and find out!
Take the Quiz and Share Your Results!

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  1. Anonymous11/04/2008

    I loved book #2!! It was better than the first, I think. I've not yet read 3 or 4. I need to go to the book store, don't I? LOL I'm soooo off to take this Twilight quiz now!