December 27, 2008

Here it is again.

Somebody asked? (because I can't remember who)

Q: Do you kids still believe in Santa?

A: Well Hannah is a smart little cookie, and when she was 4, told me she knew where the north pole was. "You do?" I asked her and she replied "Yes in China, because thats where all my toys are made." Over the summer Hannah came to me and asked "Straight up mom, is there really a tooth fairy, Easter bunny and Santa Claus?" I started laughing at the straight up part and finally told her the truth...So Hannah does not, but we still try to make it special for the little kids.

Lindsey asked?

Q: What was your favorite memory from this Christmas?

A: The magic I felt inside. Being with my family and knowing that we are all healthy and happy and together. Watching Hannah's eyes light up when she opened a present she really wanted, Seeing Alanna understand that when she opens the present, she gets a toy, and hearing her devote her love for that toy in detail, until she got the next one, and just knowing that Ben was here to spend it with us. Those were the best memories of this Christmas?

Now for you...What was your best memory this Christmas. Leave a comment and let me know.

1 comment:

  1. I like that "straight up - is there a Santa?" ha!
    You know my special memory this Christmas is just being able to spend it with Kevin!! but, I have to say the Griswold trip in the RV was a memory maker too!