December 13, 2008

Today Lindsey came over and spent a few hours with me. I'm telling you what, it was much needed. After she left I sat on the couch, thinking about the last couple of hours with her, and the last couple of weeks, After thinking about it all, I realized Lindsey was just what I needed. A friend to come over and help me forget the last couple of weeks and just have fun. We talked and laughed and had fun with the kids. It was a nice break from reality. I just wanted to say thanks to Lindsey and only hope one day I can be there for her like she has been for me. Thanks friend.


  1. You're too sweet!!! I had a blast too. Now go check out those pics:)

  2. Anonymous12/14/2008

    Lindsey is a good gal!! Glad you're feeling better Tasha!

  3. That's what good friends do!