January 28, 2009

books 101

Okay I figured its time I start to realize that there are other books out there besides vampires and wizards with dark lords. I try to get to the library every other week to get us out of the house, and always leave empty handed or with a book I have already read, because I fear the unknown books. I love to read, but lately I just don't know what to read. So I am hoping some of you can help me. In order to help, I figured you need to know a little bit about my reading likes and dislikes.
~When I was younger VC Andrews was my favorite. I have almost read everything she wrote.
~I'm NOT into mysteries, or freaky things. I am a scardy cat to the MAX.
~I don't need any mushy gushy lovey dovey stuff either.
~I read the entire Twilight series 3 times in a month span.
~I read Harry Potter year 1-7, twice
~I'm not afraid to embrace my inner teen and would read YA books...see bullet #4.
~I am up for true life, fiction, fantasy, but not sci-fi so much.

Okay I hope that helps, so have at it. I need some new books to broaden my thinking.


  1. Anonymous1/29/2009

    Not into mysteries?? Girl, you are missing out! You should so definitely read at least Lisa Gardner or James Patterson. BTW, I used to love VC Andrews too!

  2. Ok - I am a mystery lover. So, I may not be much help. Have you read the True Blood vampire books? I heard those were good...I know it's still vampires though. I like Nicholas Sparks but it will make you cry...

  3. I just sent you an email with some recommendations! Hope you find something you like!