January 26, 2009

To be young again

Hannah had a friend stay the night Saturday. I remember doing this, do you?

Isn't Alanna funny. Ahhhhhh, the joys of little sisters.

*Is the video showing up for you? If not check it out here.*


  1. Oh, to be young again. Alanna is just too cute. All little kids do the same things, don't they.

    If this was at my house little sis would of been pushed out of the way. Hannah and her friend are good kids!!

  2. Alanna face coming up out of no where made me giggle!
    Her big sis sure did tune her out well! ha!

  3. I loved doing that as a kid!! So much fun!!

  4. Anonymous1/29/2009

    This is so precious!! I remember doing this too, and I also have to comment on Hannah's tolerance for her little sister (who is soooo cute too by the way!) I would have knocked my little brother if he "interfered" with my dance! I'm glad you got this on video. Hannah will thank you for it later (but she's gonna want to kill you now for putting it on your blog!! LOL)