January 25, 2009

The 6 month letter

Dear Ben, January 25, 2009

Today you are 6 months old. The last 6 months have went by way too fast. I can't believe where the time has gone. You are an amazing addition to our family. You are so laid back and smiling all the time. You are momma's little cuddle bug and could sit in my lap all day, I know this because lately we have been doing just that. The last month you have been teething, and its not one of your favorite things to be doing. The sore gums and urge to chew on everything has been interrupting your nice long naps, and your time alone to play while mommy tries to cook dinner or clean the house. Your new favorite thing to do while teething is having mommy carry you around the house. You find it even funnier when mommy starts to limp because her back hurts so much due to you weighing about 18-20 pounds. ( we find out on Wednesday for sure).

You are meant to play the little brother role, and you do it so well. Like when Alanna smothers you with hugs and kisses all day, everyday. Even if mommy and daddy try to tell her 1 or 2 kisses is enough, she never thinks so. Its always 1 more, 1 more. Even worse when Hannah wants to play house and tries to force you to call her momma, and you just look at me with those big eyes, pleading me to rescue you, before she wipes you away to her room where you have to where bonnets and play with dolls.

Over the past month you have learned to roll over. Anytime you are laid on your back, you are instantly on your tummy. At first it wasn't your favorite place to be, but you learned fast enough to roll back over to your back or to deal with it. Now you sleep on your belly all night. You have even learned to get up on your knees and sleep with your butt in the air. If I wasn't so afraid of waking you, your butt would be plastered on the internet for all to see the cuteness effect. But for your sake, I am afraid, so it is yet to be seen. You scoot in a circle while on your belly. You already know how to scoot forward to get a toy out of reach. You are barely sitting up and already mobile. Boy are mommy and daddy in for it now. Everyday you try to sit up longer and longer but still flop over when left alone. For now mommy is okay with this..I'm already missing my sweet baby who couldn't go anywhere.

I am so proud to call you my son and look forward to seeing you grow, and accomplish your dreams. You are an amazing person and I pray you go far in life. Can you keep a secret? I often sit in the rocking chair, rocking you to sleep, and I start to cry. I cry because of the reality that I helped create you, and for the precious little boy you are. I hoped for a son, but got so much more than I ever thought I would. I love you Benjamin

Love momma


  1. Beautiful Tasha! Your kids are lucky to have you for a mom!

  2. OMG you made me have tears. THat's so touching:)