February 10, 2009

its getting better

Things around her are less stressful, now that we know some money will be coming in soon. We still have to play catch up for a couple of months but we are hopeful. Some sacrifices have been made, like losing the computer, phone and car during the day...But these are for a limited time.. Chris wants to try and fix our desk to with our tax money, and once he gets to bring his work truck home I will have the family car back and once the computer gets fixed I will have the phone again. For now me and the kids have been hanging out and relaxing. Not having to worry about the phone ringing, or blogging or even having to run to the store is nice. Being in a more simpler time during the day, has be in a more happier mood.

On another note, Ben is sitting up now. He started Sunday and has been doing it longer and longer each time. He also started crawling backwards. Well its more of an army crawl backwards, but its super adorable.

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  1. Less stress is always good. My neighbor got laid off work today and they were already struggling to make ends meet. I have no idea what they are going to do now...it seems to be everywhere!