March 4, 2009


I would have liked to have the pictures from Disney on ice up already, but for some reason the lap top has stopped accepting the camera and we are having major problems. I'm going to try to sum everything that has been happening in this one blog so watch carefully.

  • We went to Disney Fantasy on ice, it was AWESOME. Some of the best money ever spent. We seen Lion King, Cars, Little Mermaid, and Tinkerbell and her Fairy Friends. Alanna danced to the music and was so entertained. We all had a great family day.
  • Chris and I finally had a night out Saturday night. Our friend turned 30. This may seem young to some, however this is a major breaking part in my life, meaning I am almost 30 myself if my friends are turning 30 and most days I still feel like a child playing house.
  • Monday morning Alanna woke up crying she had an earache. I turn on the light and her ear is totally grossed out and covered in ear fluid, blood and puss. This is a "tubes" ear infection and they are horrible.
  • Went to the dr on Monday morning and Alanna is soaking a cotton ball every 30 minutes, I will spare you the grossness.
  • Tuesday morning Hannah woke up with an earache. Returned to the dr again..Made them check Ben as well. He is fine.
  • Hannah is okay too...no infection. Thank you!
  • I have a massive head cold. I can't breathe because my nose is stuffed, but it won't stop leaking..How is that possible?
  • We are going away for the weekend. Can't wait. We are going to our friends house we were supposed to visit for superbowl, but didn't make it. Its like a mini vacation..

That seems to sum up the week so far. I am really sleepy and lazy and this post took a lot out of me, I'm going to nap since the 2 little kids are sleeping. Night!


  1. Well, the nap part sounds good!! ha!

    And, Disney on Ice. I love the Lion King!!

  2. Anonymous3/05/2009

    Ewwww...everybody is sick. I'm sorry, feel better soon. Oh, and I'm 42 and also feel like I'm a kid playing house. I don't think that changes. 30 is not old.