March 20, 2009

Only her

~Famous words Alanna has spoken that made me stop and think, hmmmmm~

~ME: Alanna, please put your bike away or you will not ride it tomorrow.

ALANNA: Thats okay, I feel like walking tomorrow.

~ME: Alanna, I love you so much.

~ALANNA: Yeah, I know, I love daddy.

~Being a nice mommy I let Alanna use the potty first, even though I really have to go. She then decides she has to poop. I tell her to hurry, she replies....

Just dance around, it will go away, thats what I do.

~ALANNA: Hannah get in your room right now or I will punish you. (Try to figure that one out!)

~Alanna always wants to sleep in our bed, I tell her only when Daddy goes to work or else its too crowded. So now she sits in my doorway and yells to me..

MOOOOOMMMMMMMMEEEEEEEEE, is daddy at work yet, so I can get some sleep?

~ALANNA: Smell my finger

ALANNA: You a meanie butt (Thats me)


  1. Anonymous3/21/2009

    Haha Don't you wish you could keep them this age FOREVER? I am still LOL'ing at the first one about the bicycle. She got ya, Mom!

  2. Very funny!!! Had me laughing out loud - although, I am sure you aren't always laughing! ha!
    Just dance around a little...ha!

  3. I swear, life is never boring when you have kids to talk to. Very funny!

  4. Oh my god, how adorable is she?! Too funny.