March 19, 2009

excuses and an award

I know I've been away a few days. Chris has been busy fixing the desktop. Remember a couple of months ago it broke. Well its up and running and much better. Chris is something of a computer geek, and upgraded our computer to practically brand new for very little money. I keep telling him thats why I married him, but I don't think he thinks I am for real, But I am!

A couple of days ago Twisted Cinderella awarded me a friendship award. I think this is very special, because finding a friend online is hard work. Sometimes the other person may not always get the joke or the sarcasm, and when/if they do, you know they are a keeper. So, Thank you Twisted Cinderella, I really enjoy you and your blog. Your girls get more beautiful everyday. I would like to share the love and award a few of my friends too.

1. Lindsey. She is amazing online and in real life and gosh, am I happy we met. I cannot wait for her to become a mommy and we can make fun of our kids as they grow.

2. Lori, she is one of the strongest people I know and I am determined to get a road trip in this summer to meet her in real life, so Lori get ready for us, THE CIRCUS IS COMING!

3. Michelle. She is one of the 1st people I started talking to online, and we share the same birthday. She is funny, sweet and is braver than she will ever know.

If I didn't say you, please don't get upset, I could list every one of my special friends online, but I am tired and really had to narrow it down. Plus so many of you are private, I can't link to you anyways :)


  1. awww..you are so sweet! thanks! Love you too & bring on the circus! Kevin has friends in Michigan too so we are plotting a trip your way at some point! I would be SOOO excited!!

  2. I enjoy you and your blog as well.

  3. YOU ARE SO SWEET! Thanks!!!! I love your circus of kiddos. They are sweet, adorable and entertaining!!!

  4. Oh, Tasha, thank you. No one's ever called me funny before. (I do get brave occasionally and I just don't get it) You are a wonderful blogger and friend. I feel really lucky to have 'met' you. Thank you.