March 23, 2009

slow down already!

Last month I had this..A sweet happy 7 month old little guy, just laying around content to play with the toys I lay in front of him. He wasn't able to move, and we didn't have to worry about the open outlets, or the girls' toys laying around. I could leave the room and come back and he was still in the same spot with the same happy grin on his face.
Now I have this, just a short 30 days later. A little guy who can move. In 14 days he has went from army crawling to full crawling and now dare I say it standing. Anything and everything that he thinks can hold him he is standing on. The wipes container, the bag of diapers, the block container, to even the toy trucks he has. Ben thinks that he is master crawler already. He has mastered crawling up stairs, sort of. He gets it about 3 out of 5 times. The 2 he doesn't get, well lets just say he has an egg, and not one the Easter bunny will be bringing. He has a egg on the side of his head from falling. He is so quick, that by the time I run after him he is already there. He stands with such ease and grace that I fear in another 14 days he may have mastered the art of cruising. THEN, no one is safe!


  1. Oh, he's growing up so quickly. And adventurous too, that'll keep you on your toes!

  2. Anonymous3/24/2009

    Girl, you are one busy Mommy! Isn't it wonderful?!